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Hey Kim & Drew...
Periodically I go to your web site just to keep up on the latest litters, etc. It struck me today that the energetic personality of the Griffons doesn't show through. I've taken lots of pictures of our Mupps and other than the 'cuteness' factor coming through, the lively, entertaining, relentless curiosity, passionate hunting skills...the truly immense range of demonstrable emotions...can't be captured in a picture but should be featured in some way. When people see a picture of a Griffon...there is an interesting array of comments...from 'cute' to 'unique' to 'odd looking...is that really the dogs head on that body' to (mostly from women) 'wow, a dog with silver tipped hair...how gorgeous'...but when they actually meet a Griffon...they are absolutely pulled in and you hear comments like 'neat', 'really special', 'wow, what a great dog' and 'where in the world did you ever find such a wonderful dog'...it's the personality that pulls them in.
One of my brothers has been around dogs all his life, but has never actually picked one out for himself...when asked what dog he would pick out for himself...he unhesitatingly said..."one just like Mupps"!!!
Joel Way, PMP

This is a big week in Kansas hunting so I was thinking of you guys. I have actually been looking at your pups on-line. We have had Klay (Prairie Drifter) for two years now. We love him so much. He has been an awesome dog. We are still on edge to see how he hunts next week. I will get you an update after his opening debut on Kansas pheasants. Here is a picture of our pup.  Keep up the great work!
Joel Erickson

Greeting, I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how great Stella is doing. She has adjusted very well and I'm excited about her natural hunting abilities, she has been sight pointing in the yard since she was very young and she has been doing great retrieving her training dummy. She loves running through the CRP grasses. She got her first taste of hunting this past week, and she is doing great and is learning fast. She get's birdie when she catches scent and is very excited when she sees birds. I have a few Vizsla owners in town that are also impressed by her. She has been a great dog and I look forward to our first fall together and I'll keep you updated on her progress. If you ever need a reference for others looking for a pup feel free to use me. Thank you. Stella with Ruth. Early September training Pics. First bird (when we came up to the crippled bird she locked up on point, she was only about 4 inches away but it clearly showed her natural instincts.)
PS  She got her middle name from her favorite care taker!  Thanks Ruth!
Andy Lanoue


My pup Billie is doing so well and is such a  sweetheart.   She points every cricket .  Losing her teeth and getting so strong.   I'll send more shots.

I thought I would drop a note and let you know that Charlie is doing GREAT. He is extremely smart and very energetic. The older he gets the better he looks also. Every day when he sits we see his fur, structure, and build forming perfectly. I would like to see pictures of his parents to compare, but I will have to look them up when I get home. Thank you very much for a great companion and an excellent dog. Might be thinking about entering him in some competitions.   Erin and Vern

We have had her for a week and she's only ruined one pair of slippers!  The kids are having an absolute ball with her and she seems to have charmed the grown-ups in the house as well. I forgot how funny puppies are to watch: she will chase her shadow; she will pounce on the snow and the perpetually pounce on the snow she makes fly; she'll stick her head in Bart's slipper and run into the wall. She has two speeds: full throttle and snore. Anyway, she's lightening up our household! I hope she turns out to be a good hunter or Henry is going to need therapy.  lots of puppy love, Andrea

Hey, just wanted to check in to say thanks. The puppy Patti and I bought from you last spring has grown to be a very healthy, happy guy.   He has had a great year here with lots of play and socializing. I haven't done much more than the usual table manners and pre training but he comes MOST of the time. He will hold on point more than SOME of the time and he's ALWAYS fun and active.  Duber, that's what we named him, is bird crazy. We had lots of runs at the beach this past fall and winter and the ocean birds made him flip. We're not allowed on the beach after April 1 because of an endangered plover so we've been hitting the woods and he's just as nuts about song birds. Last fall he was along for hunts here in Rhode Island for woodcock, and Maine and New Hampshire for grouse and woodcock. He retrieved two grouse and a woodcock and backed up his older brother ( the Griffon ) on several points. He did bump/chase a couple but I was really surprised he didn't do more of that stuff at that age. I think he's really going to be spacial.  We have plenty of pictures from day one to present including his first hunting trip but I need to get some one a little smarter than me to show me how to down load and email them. I'll get you one as soon as possible. Anyway, thanks again. I look forward to getting my next Prairie Kennel dog in the next year of two.
Best Regards,
Darrell and Patti Dillon
Little Compton Rhode Island

Drew and Kim,

Gunter is doing great and has adjusted well to the new environment. Everyone in the family absolutely adores him. Jerry has just received his bird wings to start Hunter's training. We enjoy every minute with Gunter and could not have picked a better bread of dog from as well as the blood line from your kennel. Needless to say, we have to control ourselves because we want both of the other puppies.   Hope you enjoy the pictures and I will send more.  Thanks for all your help in making the purchase of Hunter as smooth as possible.
Dodi Melancon

Hi Kim and Drew,
    I hope you received the pictures of Aldo OK.  I re-sent them using a google mail address, and wasn't sure if they made it or not.
    Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that Aldo is doing great, both in the house and out in the field.  He's virtually house-trained now, with only the occasional accident.  His obediance training is coming along, he listens well to Come, Sit, and Down, and I'm working (slowly, and playfully) on Heel and Stay at the moment.  He weighs about 16 pounds now, and is traveling very well in the car, even on long trips.
     His instincts in the field are amazing!  I worked with him a few times using a grouse wing on a string to try to get him to point, and he would do so on occasion.  I took him out last week though into an area where dog trials are held, so there are many pen-raised quail around, and he was a pointing machine!  He pointed several birds that we planted very well, and would not rush in, no matter what.  I even held a live bird in front of him, and he stayed on point, and would not try to catch it himself.  He also had about 5 points on quail that we did not plant, and that he found all on his own.  Each time, he would point, and hold it long enough for me to get to him, and flush the bird myself.  I would expect this from a 7 month old pup with a few months of training under him, but it truly is exceptional to what a 14 week old dog holding points with virtually no training!
    Hope all is well in North Dakota, and that spring is slowly arriving.
                   Troy Evans

My other Griff Jake took about 2 days to accept Oscar.  They are now best buddies and can't keep themselves away from each other.  We forgot how much work a new puppy is, but other than that Oscar is awesome.  He has 8 acres of trails in the woods that he and Jake play in.  He adjusted right away with us and has been a pleasure.  I believe that he is almost house trained and he also is retrieving a tennis ball for me very well.  He points and holds on his wing until he is distracted by something else, but overall he is a great addition to our family.  I will keep you updated and also send pics soon. Thanks again, Brian DeRoche

Hello - here is a picture of "Tawnie" - she is doing great. We just had her spayed and she came through it like a trooper. Did a short pheasant hunt with her and she catches on quick - still a little afraid of the birds but that will come with a little work.  She has been a great addition to the family - thanks again! 

Shelly and John Botsford

Hi Drew and Kim, 
Thank you very much for the wonderful pup. "Dutch" is a goofball and learning very quickly to be in total control.  Joke apart he is adorable and quite talented. He retrieves from the water and does not tire doing it. He started to point quite often only that for now only bugs.  I attached a picture with Dutch, my daughter Cristina and myself. 
Thanks again,
Nick Glaja

Kim & Drew,
Just a quick note to let you know how things are going with our WPG pup "Leo". He took to our family immediately and we all love him!! He is so affectionate and playful and is taking very well to the crate training. Everyone who sees him remarks about what a beautiful dog he is and he gets along famously with any dog we have encountered. We could not be more pleased!! We have attached a few photos of Leo for your enjoyment. Thanks again for such a wonderful new member to our family.  Best Regards, Kevin & Debbie Meredith


This dog is amazing. So sweet. Took him to the vet today and everything is great. Here are some photos of Wyatt with me and two of my girls. Enjoy!!!


Thanks. All is great! He is really settling in. He's driving the old Doberman crazy ( she's female and he keeps trying to nurse ) but he's learning his place. He and the Griffon are now fast friends. When their not playing and Duber, that's what we named him, gets sleepy he loves to snuggle with Nibbs, the Griffon. Duber has now met lots of other dogs, cats, kids. He gets a nice long walk in the woods every morning and spends most of the day outside playing with the new pack while my wife gardens. We drove him up to Maine last weekend and took him to the dog beach so he met another huge round of dogs. He also got to go to my nieces high school graduation so he met at least 30 little girls. Duber is really tenacious and stands up for himself. He is very healthy, happy and intelligent. We really appreciate what a good job you and your family did. We'll get pictures out soon. Thanks again, Darrell

Hi all,
sorry I haven't updated you folks. the trip home was 24 hrs, so we made good time. The pups did real well after the first couple of hrs. They have grown alot since I got them home! I will get some pics to you soon. They are out as soon as we get home and have been trained every evening. They seem to do their training better if they have been excercised first and then go to the fields. We kept Jefferson's name but my daughter renamed snoop to mader......as in tomader!!!! They really have the good life with indoor outdoor runs. They go to the vet next week for updates. Take care will hear from us soon. And thank you, you guys do a heck of a job. All my friends have ur internet address!! Take care Dave Hodges

Hi Kim, Drew and family,

Red Baron Golden Prairie has become part of our family in a big way.  Kathe completed 6 weeks of puppy class with Baron.  He is very quick at learning new behaviors.  Although very young when starting puppy class, he has learned to sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay and is healing.  He has also been attending the Minnesota chapter of North America Versatile Hunting Dog association training classes.  When he was 9 weeks I started to teach him to trail (he tracked! hot dog trails through the lawn).  The Thursday before his 11th week, I put a quail out for him to find, he tracked it from some feathers I put on the ground and stood over the bird, he only chased it after it started to run and I told him to "get the bird".  He caught it and with a little coaxing brought it back to me.  One week later he tracked another quail for about 10 yards and then watched as the bird flushed.  Week 3 at NAVHDA training, I put a quail in one o! f my wire bird cages and hid the bird, Baron found it very fast (he seems to be scenting birds from 25-30 feet away) and pointed briefly before trying to grab the bird.  He likes to watch all the dogs as they hunt for birds and gets to see the points and hear the shotguns.  He will run to the guns if I let him. 

Two weeks later he was three for three of planted birds with good steady points (I will be teaching him to "whoa" over the next several weeks).  He is not afraid of the water and is retrieving from the edge.  I think he will swim for the dummy soon, all thought the water is still cold from the weird spring we have had.  In June we received Baronís NAVHDA 3 generation approval, and we are testing him August 26th in a Natural Ability test.

He is teething now, and is doing well with his crate/house training.  No "accidents" in 6 weeks and he will go from 10:30 PM till 5-6 AM.  He travels very well and loves to go on walks and search for balls in the prairie grass at work.  He also knows his toys by name and he likes several layers of blankets in his crate, so he can get under them.  We are getting ready for our Memorial weekend camping trip to Big Stone Lake State Park.  We will try to keep you all updated on his development and if you have any questions please email Kathe and we will be glad to help.

We really love our new friend and are excited about future possibilities both in our lives and in the field with him.

Take care,

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